Saimiri Dessert Plate In Mustard | Johanna Ortiz
Saimiri Dessert Plate In Mustard | Johanna Ortiz

Saimiri Dessert Plate In Mustard Set of 2

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Styling Notes:
Experience the unparalleled artistry of JO´s ceramic tableware, meticulously crafted with exceptional attention to detail and hand-painted in the lively town of Carmen de Viboral, Colombia. This remarkable collection boasts an extensive range of dinner and dessert/salad plates, bowls, and mugs, adorned with intricate brushstrokes by skilled artisans who have inherited their craft through generations. The pieces showcase a free-hand interpretation 

JO archive prints available in different colorways. These versatile plates are perfect for mixing and matching with previous collections to create distinctive and personalized table settings.

Product Details:
Dimensions: Diameter 21 cm
Composition: 100% Ceramics
Fabrication: Ceramics
Set of 2
Color: Mustard/Olive
Made in Colombia

Handmade: Variations in shape, color, and texture are due to the nature of the artisanal materials and techniques used throughout the process.

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